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101095 - Gas Doner Kebab Machine - 5 Burner

101095 - Gas Doner Kebab Machine - 5 Burner

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Model Number: KB-5

The Hamoki Gas Kebab Machines are culinary marvels designed to elevate your restaurant or food establishment to new heights! Crafted with precision and innovation, these machines are the epitome of efficiency and flavour infusion.

Our gas doner kebab machines feature sleek stainless steel exteriors, exuding durability and hygiene. The vertical rotisserie design ensures an even and thorough cooking process, guaranteeing that each layer of meat is perfectly cooked to juicy, succulent perfection. The adjustable skewers accommodate various meat types, allowing you to offer a diverse menu to satisfy every palate.

Achieve the ideal balance of crispiness and tenderness with adjustable temperature settings, while the rotating mechanism ensures uniform cooking for consistently delicious results. Efficiency is at the forefront of our design – the doner kebab machine boasts quick heat-up times and effortless cleaning, minimising downtime and maximising productivity in your kitchen.

Our commercial doner kebab machines are key to unlocking a world of flavour for your customers. Elevate your dining experience and embrace the art of kebab crafting with this indispensable addition to your kitchen.

This product is covered with a Manufacturer’s 1 Years Parts Warranty.

DIMENSIONS: 539 x 639 x 1139 mm
 47,500 BTU
VOLTS: 240 V 50 Hz

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